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Winner of the Prince William County Green Community Award (2014) and Innovative Land Planning Award (2015)
Haymarket, VA, May 21, 2014 - The Green Building Committee of Prince William County, Virginia has awarded the 2014 Green Community Award in the Project Category to Villages of Piedmont at Leopold's Preserve. This is the highest honor for environmental service in Prince William County and recognizes exemplary projects that help to protect and preserve the natural areas and resources of the community. Scott C. Plein, founding principal of Equinox Investments, LLC--the developer--accepted the award on behalf of the project at a special celebration held on the lawn of Rippon Lodge in Woodbridge, Virginia on Sunday, May 18, 2014.

"We applaud your vision and determination to set aside 386 acres of the 493 acre development as permanent natural open space, as well as to restore an acre of previously disturbed Resource Protection Areas. You made the active choice to preserve these critical areas, which provide habitat for the wildlife and a place of beauty for the community," stated Deb Oliver, Facilitator of the Prince William County Green Guiding Committee.

Project History
Villages of Piedmont at Leopold's Preserve sits within what is widely referred to as the South Market Property which is located adjacent to the historic Town of Haymarket and fronted by Route 15 to its east.  The South Market Property consists of approximately 650 acres of land which includes the existing community of 413 homes known as "The Villages of Piedmont" which reside on approximately 140 acres. The remaining 500+ acres of the South Market Property is owned by an affiliate of Equinox Investments, LLC and subject to the approved Villages of Piedmont II community and conservation area known as Leopold's Preserve.
This plan has eliminated the various incompatible by-right uses that were formerly allowed on the property and drastically and permanently reduced projected traffic volumes that would have occurred based on the current entitlement of the property. In short, the results of Equinox's rezoning request has been the completion of The Villages of Piedmont as a cohesive community and the creation of a unique and passive recreational asset for Prince William County and its residents.
Master Plan
Villages of Piedmont at Leopold's Preserve Master Plan